What is the PFE database all about?

It’s simple, really.  PFE is the only database service in the United States that connects concerned consumers like you with fine dining establishments that are kept to a higher standard of pest-free cleanliness.

Conduct a simple search to view listings of PFE-verified restaurants as well as their menus and daily specials.

What does “PFE-Verified” mean?

Frequently witnessing restaurants being fined or closing doors due to pest violations, we devised a way to take the guesswork out of finding safe, clean, pest-free dining establishments!

We only verify restaurants that commit to a routine, monitored pest control service plan at their facilities. This exceeding level of care ensures that PFE-verified restaurants prioritize a high standard of pest- and vermin-free conditions.

When you search the PFE database of members or see the PFE logo at the entrance of your favorite restaurant, you may dine with peace of mind, knowing that your food is prepared in a pest-free, hygienic facility.


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Growing up in and around the restaurant industry, i know first hand that not all restaurants are as clean as they should be. before i go to a restaurant, i want to be sure they are clean and keeping up with things like pest control. i love that PFE is offering this service so that i can look up a restaurant before i go ... and even better, i love that the service is free! -- Anthony J., Providence

Anthony J., Providence
Hey PFE! My daughter and I go out to eat often and I can't wait to see the local restaurant information on your site. It will be great to go out to eat with piece of mind....and hopefully some of our favorites will make the pest free list! "PFE feels that when it comes to bugs and rodents in restaurants - ignorance is not bliss!" -my sentiments exactly!!! Thank you for offering us such a great service!!! - Liz L., Coventry

Liz L., Coventry
I never realized what an issue this was and how many people get sick each year because of bugs and mice in the kitchens of restaurants. With only a few health inspectors for our over 9000 restaurants in the State of Rhode Island, I am happy to see this service become available for consumers. Althoug inspectors do a thorough job, it's impossible for them to get to all of the establishments on a regular basis. It's not until a complaint has been issued, that we know that there is a problem and at that point, someone has already been reported sick. I for one, will be using this valuable tool to keep myself and my kids from getting ill and am happy to hear that some restaurants take this as seriously as I do. - Pat C., Warwick

Pat C., Warwick